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Jackson's Chameleon

Jackson’s Chameleon Facts

Jackson’s Chameleon Facts
Jackson’s chameleons are typically referred to as 3-horned chameleons as a result of males possess three brown horns: one on the nose and one on top of every superior orbital ridge on top of the eyes, somewhat harking back to the ceratopsid archosaurian reptile genus Triceratops.

The females typically don’t have any horns, or traces of the rostral horn .

The coloring is sometimes bright inexperienced, with some individual animals having traces of blue and yellow, however like all chameleons, they alter color quickly reckoning on mood, health, and temperature.

Jackson's Chameleon

Jackson’s Chameleon

These are little to medium-sized chameleons. Adult males reach up to thirty eight cm (15 in) and females up to twenty five cm (10 in), however additional typical lengths are fifteen to twenty five cm (6 to ten in).
they need a saw-tooth formed dorsal ridge and no gular crest. They attain sexual maturity when 5 months. The period of time is variable, with males typically living longer than females.

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